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Bonnie Woodfork Roche Diabetes Care,
Contracting Consultant

Bonnie Woodfork works as a
Contracting Consultant in the Contract Strategy & Pricing group within the
Finance area of Roche Diabetes Care (RDCI). She is responsible for the strategy
and management of third party contractual Agreements with durable medical
equipment customers purchasing RDCI products; Health Care Professionals
performing training, speaking & consulting services based on RDCI
products/programs; and managed care/government agencies reimbursing RDCI for
products dispensed to diabetic patients. Bonnie joined Roche in 2000 in an
Administrative Specialist role with the Global Diabetes Care team. In 2004 she
was promoted and moved on to the US Diabetes Care team where she executed a
variety of rebate management, contract strategy, standard procedure
establishment and sales coaching tasks which have successfully lead to her
current responsibility. Bonnie has a BS in Public Health Administration from
Indiana University and an MBA in general business operations from Indiana
Wesleyan University.

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