Overnight Camps


Come grow with us through an unforgettable experience at Jameson Camp! Campers enter the gates for a week filled with adventurous activities such as swimming, archery, climbing tower, hiking, bike riding, sports and other outdoor adventures. And they’ll leave camp with a better understanding of self-respect, respect for others and for the world around them.


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A Day in the Life


Overnight Camp Pricing

We want all sessions of camp to be affordable for everyone. Fees are determined based on household income. The fee estimator below tells you the approximate cost of camp based on income. Once your application is submitted, we will follow up with a final fee assessment for summer camp. Additionally, a $25 fee will be required with your application for each session. That amount is non-refundable but will be subtracted from your overall cost of camp.


A Typical Day at Camp…

8:25 am Flag
8:30 am Breakfast/Songs
9:15 am Chores
– i.e. cleaning their cabin or tidying up the outdoor spaces at camp. Chores ensure that we are all invested in keeping camp clean and neat for all and builds a sense of responsibility and teamwork!
10:00 am – 1:00 pm Activities!
– i.e. archery, recreation, art expressions, culinary arts, journalism, outdoor adventures, or extreme camp.
– Campers rotate through their three activity choices in the same order each day.
1:00 pm Lunch
1:30 – 5:00 pm (Boys and Girls Alternate Between Activities)
-Rest Hour (play cards, relax, or take a nap)
-GroupTime (this activity varies from day to day. It may be a wellness themed activity, a group specific activity, or even team building!)
-Swimming Time
5:30 pm Dinner
6:00 pm Flag/reflections
– Reflections is a half an hour period each day devoted to learning about our bead system. Each bead represents various character development traits like support, empowerment, time use, positive identity, and more. During reflections, we discuss the meaning of the beads, talk about how the beads can be earned at camp, and do a hands-on activity that relates to the beads.
7:30 pm Evening Activity
– Could include talent shows, recreational activities, crafts, cooking activities, and more!
8:30 pm Snack/Shower
9:00 pm Devotions
– During devotions, cabin groups take time to get to know each other and partake in activities related to topics such as trust, positive values, positive identity, etc. At the end of devotions, campers are given two beads that relate to positive interactions that occurred throughout the camp day.
9:30 pm Lights Out


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