Jameson Camp
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Employment & Internship Opportunities


We’re hiring a Development Director! Click HERE to learn more about the position.


To apply to work with Summer Camp:
Every summer we hire as many as 35 seasonal staff to work with the more than 500 children we serve in our Summer Camp program. It is very important to us that we find positive adult mentors equipped with patience, skills, and optimistic attitudes to guide our children in the Summer. Please take a minute to explore Summer Camp information on our website. Browse through the Benefits of Working with Jameson Camp, our Summer Employment Info flyer.

If this is your first time applying to work at Jameson:

Click here to see our Job Listings for summer 2017 (updated 4/24/2017). To apply, please complete the First Time Employee Application.

You will also need three professional (i.e. not friends nor family) references completed. Please give this form to the references listed on your application. This can be turned in after submitting the application. You can turn in the completed reference forms or have your references send these in separately.

If you have previously worked at Jameson:

Click here to see our Job Listings for summer 2017 (updated 4/24/2017). To apply, please complete the Returning Staff Application. References are not needed for returning staff.

Returning staff applications are given priority in December and January. They will be processed and a first round of decisions will be made at the start of February. From there, returning staff decisions will be made on a rolling basis.

We’re also looking to hire a Health & Wellness Coordinator!

Jameson Camp is seeking two great people to help us lead our Health & Wellness programming in our Summer Camp. To find more information, please click here. While the position is seasonal (just Summers), the contribution you will provide will last a lifetime for our children and staff.


Part Time Outdoor Education Staff
Provide direct instruction, technical support and oversight for the Jameson Camp Outdoor Education program.

Click here to download a full description for this position.


Seasonal Internship Opportunities (non-residential, separate from Summer Staff positions)

For full descriptions of the Development or Marketing internships, contact Yvonne Matlock at: (317) 241-2661 x12 or Yvonne@jamesoncamp.org.

Many of these opportunities can be combined with a university or college’s internship program to fulfill school requirements.