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Board Member

Jerry Ewing Brooksource, Director Regional Operations

My philosophy has always been, that to be truly happy you must give more than you get. Recently, as life was rambling on, I felt a strong urge and a need to start giving more. Not just money but time and know how. So, after talking with Chuck (Hundt) and hearing what Jameson camp was all about, I felt this was the perfect match. The camp’s outdoor element helps kids grow and expand and really experience life in nature. For some, experiences they otherwise may not have ever had. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this board that will help so many kids grow and develop. Initially I would love the opportunity to help develop a savvy marketing plan. A plan that could help drive revenues through increasing camp enrollment, new events and donations/gifting. I also love the future of the leadership and mentor program. These are lost skills with so many of the youth today. Kids that understand how to communicate, and from early on understand emotional intelligence are better equipped for success.

Address 2001 Bridgeport Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46231

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