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Outdoor Education & Program Options

This looks at the environment as a whole and how one action affects another.  Activities involve learning about how all things are connected and as ecosystem hike around our property that covers streams, forests, and prairies. 

This is all about trees and succession.  Some activities include identifying trees, learning about everyday uses of trees, the parts of a tree, a scavenger hunt, and learning how succession work. 

In this class, students rotate among several different stations.  Students can explore live animals, animal life cycles, physical attributes of rocks and minerals using senses and microscopes, and the outside native plant prairie and pond.  Students can also learn about plants in the garden and about trash, compost, and recycling and how they can be stewards of the environment. 

This class covers how animals adapt to their environment and what these special adaptions look like.  Activities include learning about the adaptions of beavers and birds, importance of camouflage, going on a nature hike, and having the students create their own creature where they determine its special adaptions for survival. 

This focuses on what animals need to survive (food, water, shelter, space) and how they do it.  Activities focus on deer, importance of shelter, the food chain, and the wed of life. 

Students get to use our binoculars and practice the art of birding.  Part of the class is spent hiking on our birding trail and climbing onto our tree house where they will practice using the binoculars by identifying pictures of birds hidden among the trees.  They will end the class trying to ID real birds by our pond and bird feeders.

This class demonstrates the importance of awareness and observation, especially when in nature.  You will miss a lot if you are not paying attention.  Activities include nature/un-nature trail, practicing observations skills, and nature investigations. 

This class turns students into meteorologists where they learn how to use the natural signs to predict the weather.  Activities include using our weather station to predict the weather, cloud watching, extreme weather and water cycle. 

This class covers rocks, dirt, and earthquakes!  Activities include creating an edible earth model, learning about types of rocks and how they are formed, erosion, and the scientific geological timeline. 

Become an archaeologist or paleontologists at our dig site where you will dig up dinosaur bones, fossils, and artifacts.  Students get to dig, classify, and extract items as if they were actually in the field.  Through this experiential activity, they will learn the difference between an archeologist and paleontologist. 

This class puts and emphasis on being a good steward of the earth.  Activities cover recycling, composting, and conservation. 

This class covers a large number of math standards and is set up similar to an adventure race where the students travel all around camp to find the answers to a variety of problems as a group.  We have races designed specifically for each grade level. 

There are three main goals for the hike.  First, just getting the students outside, at night, in the woods will be a novel experience for most.  We want them to realize there is nothing to be afraid of and realize that scary movies are just movies.  Second, we discuss nocturnal animals and their special adaptions for the night.  Lastly, we teach them about our own adaption, night vision, through a variety of interactive activities. 

Students will explore the universe in this class, from galaxies and the life cycle of stars, to the plants in our own solar system.  This can be done as an evening program that focuses on identifying night sky objects and learning about constellations and their historical stories. 

A typical campfire can include games, songs, skits, and S’mores and can be done day or night!

This activity starts by each cabin group gathering random items from their cabins and bringing them to the dining hall in a pillow case.  The auctioneer (facilitator) stands in front of the group and reads items off a list.  Each group must find that item among their pillow case collections.  If the specified item is not in the collection, the group may decide to create an item from other things in their collection.  Judges award points for accuracy as well as creativity. 

This class can be done as a basic overview or you can pick one or two topics to focus on.  Skills can include:

Fire building


Shelter Building

Leave No Trace 


Students get a chance to develop proficiency in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through hands-on demonstrations and experiments.  Class options include:

Water Rocket Launch

Building a Tower

Wind Powered Vehicle

Hot Air Balloons

Rube Goldberg Machines

Sand Volcanoes

Lego Building 

Shape Hunt

Jameson Camp has many adventure and recreational activities for students.  Some activities may cost extra and may only be available seasonally, please inquire about availability when booking.  

**Call for rates 

Team Building 

High Ropes

Climbing Wall 

Flying Squirrel 

Zip Line 

Adventure Race 

*Scavenger Hunt

*Sports/Games (including gaga ball) 

Wellness/Agility Course 

*Prairie Maze 


*Nature Crafts 





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