It’s funny how education has a way of working itself out. We might not realize the impact a teacher had on us until years later. If you had a favorite subject in school, it probably helped that the teacher was one of your favorites as well. For me, that teacher was my freshman English teacher, Mrs. Daily. Growing up I knew that I liked to write but I didn’t know how much. I thought of it as a hobby but not much more. When freshman English rolled around, I learned that I really enjoyed writing and grammar but like a lot of kids, I didn’t want to admit that I actually liked a school subject! Mrs. Daily was a phenomenal teacher because she had the perfect blend of support and encouragement. She was one of the nicest teachers I had and she was without a doubt the most influential. I didn’t know it then, but her guidance helped me hear my calling and follow it. I can now safely say that I LOVE to write and for Teacher Appreciation Week I’d like to recognize the wonderful work of my High School English teacher, Mrs. Daily.