This program involves a series of fun, ground-based activities and initiatives using ropes, cables, wooden beams, platforms and other random objects where teams explore risk taking, leadership, communication, problem-solving and a big emphasis on teamwork!!

To book a trip, fill out our reservation form and for more information contact Julie Pendola-Baidiger at 317 241 2661 ext 15 or


Each challenge requires the entire group’s contributions. The program is structured so the activities gradually increase in level of difficulty, so the team continuously expands their comfort zones and challenge limits. Throughout the program, the group gathers to discuss what happened, why it happened, and what can be learned from the experience.

The teambuilding elements are close to the ground so the perceived risk is low but still challenging to complete. No matter what the age and ability of your team we can tailor a specific program just for you!

The minimum group size is eight participants. The teams course can last 2 hours, 4 hours or multiple days, depending on your group’s goals.

Contact Julie Pendola-Baidinger, Outdoor Education Director, for more information or to book an event at 317 241 2661 ext 15 or


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