High Ropes Course & Zip Line

The High Ropes Course at Jameson Camp is often the pinnacle of individual challenge and goal setting! It was created as a challenging and interesting activity for both youth and adults. Its primary purpose is to help participants learn more about themselves in a way that is fun, challenging, and safe.   Imagine being 30 feet in the air with eight different elements to choose from, then swinging to the ground or flying through the air on our zip line or flying squirrel! But don’t worry, participants are protected by the best equipment such as a harness, rope, individual cable clips and a belay system set up by our professionally-trained staff.   To book a trip, fill out our reservation form and for more information contact Julie Pendola-Baidiger at 317 241 2661 ext 15 or julie@jamesoncamp.org.


Our safety system requires non-climbers to have an active role in the safety of their team members. This helps to improve trust within the group and allows everyone to experience the course, even if they choose not to climb.   Participants will discover new things about themselves, each other and gain valuable self-confidence! Our course is operated by qualified staff who are trained and certified on an annual basis, and the course itself goes through a quality and safety inspection on an annual basis.  


The Swing! One of the ways to get down from our high ropes course is using our giant swing! A qualified staff member gets you all set up and you are ready to go. Swinging from 30 feet in the air, you will feel like you are flying! Flying Squirrel!   This is a great and fun experience which relies on trust and teambuilding! One person gets strapped into a full body harness, he/she then runs forwards and the rest of the group start pulling on the rope. You will be lifted into the air and start flying! Zip line! Another option, separate from the high ropes course, is to soar over the prairie on our zip line!