“You all did a fabulous job.  That experience is just what the dr ordered for this team.  That was the first time this team has worked together in a manner that required cross-functional communication and problem solving outside the walls and telephone lines of our jobs.   THANK YOU for making the day such a success.  Your attention to the details I provided over the phone was evident, and it added greatly to the experience.  It meant a lot that you and your facilitators already appreciated our cultural diversity and understood that we are learning to work together in new ways in our jobs.

I will recommend you and Jameson Camp to anyone who asks or who I encounter and think they could benefit from this experience.  It was such a hit for our group, you may  see us back again next year! Thank you, Michelle Cummins Inc. [bigtitle]Our Challenge Course Programs[/bigtitle] Click here to view information.   Our programs foster a fun, safe and positive environment in which individuals and groups may work together to develop confidence, trust, support, communication, cooperation and leadership skills. We can tailor programs to meet specific organizational goals. Our programs use accredited safety systems and standards facilitated by well-trained, certified leaders to facilitate a fun, supportive and inspiring adventure with a positive message.   Challenge Courses (or ropes courses) are a progression of low team-based elements and high challenge elements built in the trees using cables, ladders and ropes. These elements use physical, emotional and mental challenges that employ both human and rope safety systems to encourage team development, support, trust, leadership and personal goal-setting.   A variety of adventure programs are offered to teachers, social workers, corporate groups, students and other professionals seeking to utilize outdoor experiential training strategies, including high ropes courses, group initiative activities, and cooperative games for group process, team building, and personal growth programs. Custom training programs can be designed to meet your needs. [bigtitle]Program Options:[/bigtitle] Low Ropes Course ropes, cables and wooden beams to explore risk taking, leadership, communication and problem solving   So-called “group initiatives,” involving real and imaginary ground-based obstacles, present physical, mental, and emotional challenges that invite a group to explore teamwork strategies and demonstrate for themselves the importance of planning, cooperation, and communication.   High Ropes Course a series of experiences to explore risk taking, trust and coaching.   High ropes obstacles and climbing walls pose challenges to the individual. They present tests of physical strength, stamina, agility, balance, and flexibility, and they invite participants to confront such emotional issues as the fear of heights, the fear of failure, and the fear of losing control.   Climbing Tower 40-foot tower that challenges every participant to overcome fear and stretch beyond self-perceived limitations