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Team Building and Challenge Course

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Team Building and Challenge Course

Choose Your Challenge

This concept involves the free will of the participant to make the decision of whether he will participate in an activity or not.  This philosophy is used during all parts of our challenge course.  Participants always have the choice to not continue or participate in a different way at any point during the activity.  However, spotters, anchors, rope tenders, etc. have the responsibility to continue doing their job until the climber is safely on the ground.  The facilitator may never force an individual to participate but should encourage each participants to step out of his/her comfort zone and at least challenge themselves in some way.  The choice is always up to the individual to make.  You don’t have to do the entire challenge.  You can walk halfway up the ladder and turn around any time.  If an individual chooses to not actively participate, she/he should be encouraged to play a supportive role, which could include spotting, communicating, anchoring, or tending the rope.  This will be explained at the beginning of the course during the introduction. 

Teambuilding Course

This program involves a series of experiences using ropes, cables, wooden beams, and other random objects where teams explore risk taking, leadership, communication, and problem-solving.  Each challenge requires the entire group’s contributions-their ideas, their support, and their efforts.  The program is structured so the activities gradually increase in level of difficulty, so the team continuously expands their comfort zones and challenge limits.  The teambuilding elements are close to the ground so the perceived risk is low, but still challenging to complete.  Also, our “Choose your Challenge” philosophy enables every participant to experience their own success. 

Climbing Tower

Our Climbing Tower is fun and challenging for all ages.  It is outside and has three sides to it.  Two sides consist of a wooden wall with rock climbing holds, where one side is hard and the other side is harder.  Our third side has two different types of rope ladders and again, one is hard, while the other is harder. This is a “Challenge” course.  We don’t want to make any easy!  Just like on the High Ropes Course, our safety system requires non-climbers to have an active role in the safety of their team members.  This helps to improve trust within the group and allows everyone to experience the course, even if they choose not to climb.  It’s great to see climbers surpass their goals! 

High Ropes Course at Jameson Camp

The High Ropes Course at Jameson Camp was created to provide an activity which would be challenging and interesting for youth and adults.  Its primary purpose is to help participants learn more about themselves in a way that is fun, challenging, and safe.  This is often the pinnacle of individual challenge.  These activities require the participants to deal with the perceived risk of being 20-30 feet off the ground.  This is perceived risk because they are protected by a harness, rope, and belay system set up by our professionally trained staff.  Our safety system requires non-climbers to have an active role in the safety of their team members.  This helps to improve trust within the group and allows everyone to experience the course, even if they choose not to climb.  Participants will discover new things about themselves and gain valuable self-confidence! 

Flying Squirrel

In this activity, the participants wears a full body harness and is clipped in to one end of the rope.  The rope goes up 40 feet, through a pulley, and back down into the hands of 10-12 teammates.  The participant moves one way, and the team pulls the other.  In no time, the participant is suddenly at the top!  it’s hard to describe in words, so check out this video: 

Challenge Course Booking Information

Challenge Course Programs are offered in half day increments.  A half day program is up to 4 hours, a full day program is up to 8 hours, a 1.5 day program is up to 12 hours of program time (usually an 8 hour day, then a 4 hour day). 

Minimum group size is 10 people.  Larger groups will be divided into smaller groups of 12-15.  For larger groups, a minimum of 1 hour per 15 people is required for Zip Line, Flying Squirrel, Climbing Tower, or High Ropes.  For example, if you want to do a teambuilding program with high ropes for a group of 90, your would need at least 6 hours for everyone to do the High Ropes Course so you would need to book either a full day or a 1.5 day program. 

Teambuilding programs can be customized, so if you would like something different from what is listed below, just ask!  We will be happy to try to accommodate your requests.  Meals are available for an additional fee upon request.  Meeting spaces can be rented and cabins are available for an overnight retreat.  Please call or email for details. 


Is it safe?

At Jameson Camp, safety comes first.  Our courses are designed, built, maintained and operated by ropes course experts.  All of our facilitators have gone through hours of professionally led trainings and are evaluated regularly.  Quality staff, equipment, and safety systems help to keep our risk to a minimum.  It is the perceived risk that provides powerful experiences and can be used to foster personal and team growth. 

What is the difference between Teambuilding and the High Challenge Activities?

The Teambuilding Course focuses on the team.  These activities draw on the knowledge and ideas of every group member and require the participation of the entire group for success.  The High Challenge Course provides some opportunities for teamwork but has an additional emphasis on individual challenge and goal setting. 

How long does a ropes course take?

We can customize a program for 2-3 hours, half-day or multi-day depending on your needs and group size.  Please contact our staff to discuss the right program for you. 

What do we do if the weather is bad?

The only time Jameson Camp will cancel is if the weather created unsafe environment (thunderstorms, ice on the cables, torrential downpour, hail, etc.) We will do our program in the rain or cold if the group is willing.  If Jameson Camp cancels, you will get a full refund.  However, if the group cancels with less than 2 weeks out, the group will lose their $100 deposit unless they reschedule within 45 days. 

If you have any other questions or want to book a program, contact Andrea Groves, Program Operations Director at (317) 241-2661 X15 or andrea@jamesoncamp.org.


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