Jameson Camp

Youth Leadership

Get Outside. Grow Inside. 

Leadership comes from within. At Jameson Camp, we help young leaders emerge and thrive.

Our campers develop into leaders each summer – and in 1989, we implemented a program for older campers to continue growing outside of summer camp. Our year-round unique and highly-effective Youth Leadership program serves Indiana teens, ages 13-18, and provides an opportunity for teens to push themselves to the next level.

After you’ve attended a session of camp, you can apply for the Youth Leadership program! Teens are selected for the program based on their commitment to participate, dedication to Jameson’s mission, maturity, and potential for learning leadership skills.

Teens in the program are provided with a number of ways to learn about, practice and reflect on what it means to be a leader. They participate in monthly weekend leadership retreats, alternative spring breaks, college visits, community service projects and much more. Youth Leaders are given the opportunity to plan and help execute community events at camp such as the Haunted Happening. And during the summer, they take on leadership roles at camp, eventually leading the JC Junior camp session for our youngest campers. Teens develop skills such as effective communication, planning, teamwork, leading a group activity, leading younger children and the value of community service.

Advanced Camping Experience

The two-level A.C.E. program offers returning campers, ages 13-16, the opportunity to develop and use advanced camping skills. They also have the opportunity to serve on a team, strengthen decision-making skills and begin to explore what it means to be a leader through experiential learning.

A.C.E. campers assist staff with overseeing younger campers. The teens participate in high adventure camping and wilderness opportunities, such as canoeing, in-state camping, or backpacking trips.



Counselors-In-Training (C.I.T.)


After completing the A.C.E. program, teens ages 15-18 apply to the C.I.T. program to learn advanced leadership and programming methods. During their summer, C.I.Ts plan JC Juniors, our residential camp session for our youngest campers (ages 7-9). They plan activities, lead skill-building session and serve as counselors under the guidance and supervision of our staff. C.I.Ts also participate in community service projects, college visits and camp improvement projects.



Youth Leadership Mentoring Program


In 2014, we launched the Youth Leadership Mentoring Program to provide
continuous support to our leaders and their families; this provides
one-on-one mentoring, leadership development planning and mentor/mentee support on a year-round basis.

Adult volunteers serve as mentors and commit to supporting, guiding, and being a friend to a Jameson Camp Youth Leader. Mentors have the opportunity to help empower youth, help them make positive life choices and maximize their potential.


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