Message on COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to let everyone know that we are still planning to host camp and hire staff for this coming summer.  We are aware that the challenges associated with COVID-19 may cause us to have to alter some of our plans.  We are working on backup, or contingency, plans to be sure we are ready in whatever scenario is present.  We will be ready to jump into camp with our staff, in whatever form, as soon as it is possible and the circumstances are safe enough to allow it.

Summer 2020 at Jameson Camp

Just the way you are

As Mr. Rogers put it, we are “look(ing) for the helpers”.  Jameson Camp is looking for individuals who are ready to make a difference and be a part of something special this coming summer.  Patience, optimism, and a growth mindset will accompany all 50 of our Summer Staff, as we work with over 1,000 wonderfully unique, all-together-special, and genuinely FUN children this summer. Our Summer Staff must be prepared to serve as positive adult mentors who will care for and guide our children day-in and day-out.

General information about summer employment:

Please take a minute to learn more about working with our Summer Camp at Jameson. Browse through the Benefits of Working with Jameson Camp and Summer Employment Information .

Application Instructions:

If this is your first time applying to work at Jameson:

Click HERE to see our Job Listings for Summer 2020. To apply, please complete the First Time Applicant Application (jamesoncamp.campbrainstaff.com). You will also need three professional (i.e. not friends nor family) references completed. Please send this form (JC Reference Form) to the references listed on your application. This can be turned in after submitting the application, so please get started with the application first.

If you have previously worked at Jameson:

Click HERE to see our Job Listings for Summer 2020.  To apply, please complete the Returning Staff Application. References are not needed for returning staff. Returning staff applications are given priority in December and January. They will be processed and a first round of decisions will be made at the start of February. From there, returning staff decisions will be made on a rolling basis.