Studies show that outdoor team building improves efficiency, boosts morale, and strengthens communication at the office. If team spirit is falling by the wayside, don’t miss out on opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency.

Volunteerism as Team Building

Giving your employees the option to engage in charity helps develop a sense of community at the workplace. In addition, service days enhance employee engagement and productivity. Volunteering offers employees a sense of purpose and makes them more dependable, satisfied, and proud of their workplace.

Shared Successes Strengthen Team Spirit

Along with volunteering, team building helps employees to bond with one another to achieve a common goal by sharing responsibility. For the most part, the ulterior motive is to improve interaction and increase the team’s working efficiency.

The exercises involve supervisors in this teamwork. In this way, hierarchies are switched for a short time, reducing initial reservations. Further, it eliminates discrepancies within the team, improves communication, and shapes team spirit.

Popular team building events are outdoor training sessions where teams compete against each other by solving tasks or overcoming hurdles together.

Outdoor Training as Team Building

Why is outdoor team building so successful?

Competition strengthens bonds through mutual success. In the first place, everyone wants to contribute to the win, and no one wants to end up being to blame if the group loses.

The distribution of roles during outdoor team building is exciting. You’ll see all sorts of characters and behaviors that differ from on-the-job personas. It must be remembered if the team members are too different, they have a big task to overcome. If they’re too similar, they might have trouble coping with the diverse challenges. The team that best combines all these has the edge—an office in a microcosm.

We use outdoor training courses to test employees’ team skills and leadership qualities in personnel development. In this way, they simulate conflict resolution in actual situations, which is a skill requiring mastery. Outdoor leadership course participation provides information about the competence to lead a team in everyday work.

Extraordinary Ideas for Team Building

For a pleasant, relaxed, but still efficient working environment, it’s vital that employees are pleased to co-exist and remain motivated and happy to work. Special occasions such as the annual Christmas party or anniversary celebrations often prompt companies to organize so-called incentive events to reward their employees, motivate them, and improve employee loyalty to their employer.

Jameson Camp is a unique outdoor retreat for your employees and an affordable option for your next team-building training day. Jameson sits on 130 acres of serene forests and meadows with the modern amenities you need, like Wi-Fi.

We’ll help you plan your next team-building activity to ensure you get exactly what you need, with many options and combinations that exceed your expectations. Jameson Camp even offers lodging, food, and drink. There is no one-size-fits-all because no two groups have retreats that are the same.

Our talented, trained, and certified crew also runs outdoor team building and challenge courses for your employees and people of all ages. At Jameson Camp your team gets the chance to get outside and grow inside.

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