My years working as a camp counselor are some of the most memorable summers of my life. I am not alone, in fact, the former Walt Disney CEO, Michael Eisner summed it up as some of the most valuable leadership training he ever had. Going to camp is such a valuable experience. Working at camp can bring this experience to a whole new level.

Working at camp may seem like a “summer off” or an opportunity to play past your camper years. However, being a camp counselor is one of the toughest jobs you may have. Busy non- stop schedules, never truly being “off duty,” hot days, long nights, high expectations, strict protocols, and campers pushing the limits at all times give camp counselors plenty of challenges. A camp counselor may not make big bucks, but they earn every dollar they make!

Despite all these challenges, working as a camp counselor has great rewards. It is a lot of fun and allows you to build great lasting relationships, but there are many other great benefits to becoming a camp counselor:


We all know the benefits of time outside. Your health will benefit from the sunshine, the fresh air, and exercise you will receive at camp. Your mental and physical wellness will thank you!


In the great outdoors, you may not find a strong Wi-Fi, but the beauty of nature will more than make up for it. Enjoy time to relax and relieve the stress of the constant pull from your devices.

Become a Role Model

As the camp counselor, you get to be the “cool” one. You have the opportunity to be a great influence on the lives of the campers you interact with. Counselors spend great amounts of time with their campers. They can form strong bonds with campers that can extend beyond the grounds of camp into their lives back home.

Make a Difference

Spending the summer working with all those campers means that is inevitable that you will encounter the opportunity to make a difference. Maybe you will help a camper overcome their fear of trying something new. Perhaps you will get to help instill confidence in those awkward, gawky, and painfully self-conscious preteens. You may help a camper cope with homesickness. Campers may need help dealing with some real challenges at home. Counselors have shared experiences working with campers struggling with depression, with parents separating, coming to terms with sexuality, battling eating disorders, distorted body images, social anxiety, and many other challenges. Being there to make a difference for your campers is one of the most rewarding parts of becoming a camp counselor.


Camp is not only an opportunity for you to make a difference for the campers, but you also get the opportunity to discover more about who you are. You will discover strengths you may have never known you had. In addition, you will identify those weaknesses too, which is just as important. You will end your summer with new confidence and a stronger sense of self.

Work Ethic

There will be long hours and hot days at camp. You will have to work through all the challenges with a smile on your face. You will learn to persevere and be dedicated to your position.

Time Management

As a camp counselor you will wear many hats and have many responsibilities. You will need to be sure you are on time and that you are able to get it all done.


It’s a great experience to be part of a team of diverse and talented young people. You will have opportunities to meet, work with, and build relationships with people that you may not otherwise encounter. These people will not just be part of your team but will become a family. You will build relationships that will stay with you well beyond your days at camp.

Problem Solving

As a camp counselor, you will have no shortage of problems coming your way. Campers will throw you curve balls, and your job will be to find creative solutions. Every day will bring something new for you to experience. Campers will not be predictable. Working at camp will teach you how to think on your feet and think outside of the box.


As a camp counselor you will learn and build communication skills as you interact with the rest of the camp staff and with the campers.

Leadership Skills

As a camp counselor, you are a leader. You will development leadership skills like nowhere else, as you work with your team and with your campers.

Resume and Interview Material

Becoming a camp counselor can boost your resume. All these skills you are building at camp can be added to resume. These qualifications and more will make you an outstanding candidate for that new job or college application. After spending a summer at camp, you will have loads of stories to illustrate the things you are talking about.


As a camp counselor you will make connections with the adults supervising you. You will be able to reach out to them later for recommendations, references, and even to help connect you with people in the field you hope to get into. Not only your supervisors, but your coworkers will also give you opportunities to build relationships with people out of your typical circles.

At Jameson Camp we want to help young people “get outside and grow inside.” That includes not only our campers, but the staffers as well. We have been impacting the lives of young people since 1928. Consider joining our team!

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