Volunteer Opportunities


Jameson Camp

Volunteer Opportunities

Get Outside. Grow Inside. 

Volunteer at Jameson Camp, and help us make a lasting impact. Together we can help Indiana youth get outside and grow inside! Sign up directly by clicking on the SignUp.com link at the bottom of the page, creating a login, and searching for
Jameson Camp. Or by contacting the identified individual directly.

Camp Adoption

Come out several times a year and leave your mark on a cabin, or a garden. Take care of the space, repair it, spruce it up, and work with our Site Manager to ensure your area of our 130 acres is always ready for boisterous children! For information please contact Site Manager, Brad Higgins, at brad@jamesoncamp.org.

Work with Youth

Summer Camp (June-July): Read to children, help facilitate activities, chaperone a camp out, or help plan a camp-wide event. For more information, please contact Program Manager, Andrea Groves, at andrea@jamesoncamp.org. Camper Check-ins (May-July): Be a pivotal contact point for campers and families when they first arrive and acclimate at camp on Sundays. For more information, please contact Program Manager, Andrea Groves, at andrea@jamesoncamp.org. Mentor: Forge an unforgettable and impactful relationship with a teenager through our Youth Leadership mentoring program. For more information please contact Program Director, Tim Nowak, at tim@jamesoncamp.org. Outdoor Education Instructors (Spring & Fall): Lead grade-school children through nature in an Environmental Education class, or help facilitate team building with all ages on ropes and ground courses. For more information about Outdoor Ed please contact Andrea Groves at Andrea@jamesoncamp.org.

Outside Projects

Jameson Camp sits on 131 acres, and our outdoor maintenance projects fluctuate seasonally. From trail maintenance to specialized maintenance work on our buildings, we love volunteers who want to get their hands dirty! For more information please contact Site Manager, Brad Higgins at brad@jamesoncamp.org.

Office and Administrative Work

Mailings: Fold, stuff, and stamp with Jameson’s Development Team in an effort to cultivate resources to send even more children to Summer Camp and Youth Leadership. For more information please contact Jennie Broady at jennie@jamesoncamp.org.

Jameson Committees

Women’s Auxiliary Create lasting relationships and a lasting camp impact as you volunteer alongside women who consistently facilitate successful fundraisers for Jameson and promote camp in unique ways. Contact Jennie at jennie@jamesoncamp.org or 317-241-2661 to attend their next meeting! Program Development Committee Provide critical support for Jameson’s Summer Camp and Youth Leadership programs. From providing camper and staff snacks to planning family-inclusive camp events. Contact Jennie Broady at jennie@jamesoncamp.org to find out how you can contribute!


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Call us with any registration questions you may have! 317.241.2661