Summer Camp

Get outside, grow inside.

Since 1928, Jameson Camp has been helping children and teens grow. With over 130 acres to explore, campers can build friendships and gain a greater sense of self. Jameson Camp provides the support young people need to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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When campers get outside at Jameson Camp, they have so much do to and see. Every day at camp is packed with scheduled activities and campers are encouraged to participate in “Challenge by Choice” to make the decision to challenge themselves or to save the challenge for another day.



Aquatic Adventures

Cool off in the crystal clear swimming pool  for a fun afternoon of water games. 

A short walk through the woods will take you to some great creek stomping grounds where you can search for salamanders or take a quick dip.

Grab a few friends – don’t forget your buckets and sponges – for a water fight in the meadow. 

Wander in the Woods

Kick back and relax with your favorite book and soak in the sounds of nature in the Hammock Garden.

Find a good stick and get ready to go hiking with your new best friends.

After learning about native birds at the Nature Center, grab a few friends and a pair of binoculars to check out who’s hiding in the canopy.

Soar Through the Sky

You’ll need a helmet before you make your daring ascent at the Jameson rock climbing wall!

Get strapped in, while you’re up there you might as well zoom through the trees on the zip line.

Prefer to stay closer to the ground? Master the Challenge Course and be the fastest on the low ropes!

Sports, Go Sports!

Grab a bow and land a bullseye on the archery range.

Jump, dodge, and dribble on one of two basketball courts or become the gaga champion.

Take home the gold on field day and celebrate with a s’mores party!

Get Creative

A canvas was meant to see the sun! Get ready to brush up your sleeves and get messy with outdoor painting.

Get published when you become a Jameson Journalist and report on all the happenings around camp!

Mix, fold, and knead like a chef with outdoor cooking classes. 

And so much more...

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The camp experience enriches lives and changes the world.

Jameson Camp provides children and teens with a community of caring adults who nurture experiential education that results in self-respect and appreciation for human value.

All of the outcomes — self-identity, self-worth, self-esteem, leadership, and self-respect — build personal competencies.

These personal competencies are reflected in the four “C’s” of the camp community:

compassion, contribution, commitment, and character! 

Because of Jameson Camp…

Jameson Camp provides children and teens with the opportunity to connect with nature, to participate in human powered activities, and to benefit from personal and primary relationships. At summer camp, when children make new friends, explore the world around them, and learn that “I can” is much more powerful than “I can’t”, magic happens. In an environment created just for them, children learn real life skills, develop self-esteem, and gain a sense of independence and community. Whether children are playing, exploring nature, conquering new heights, or becoming part of a camp family, they are creating memories that will last a lifetime.  

For years, campers’ parents have reported that when their children return home from camp they are more caring, understand the importance of giving, are more equipped to stand up for what they know is right, and are willing to be more responsible. These are the qualities that will help build a successful nation and a civil society.

Children are at less risk at camp where they have a sense of community, develop intergenerational relationships, and learn through first-hand experiences. Trained, caring adult role models help children feel loved, capable, and included. Camp helps children grow by providing a supervised, positive environment that has safety as a primary commitment.

Camp professionals have enormous power in conveying simple teachable moments . . . special moments of passing experiences touched by the human spirit.

Through the camp experience, young people learn to understand the strength of mankind. They also develop an appreciation for the qualities required to protect the fragile relationships needed to protect these relationships.

In seeking what is real, genuine, and nonartificial in people as well as in the actual world, we foster understanding of the importance of human connections for survival and of the critical connections to our physical world. Campers realize the need to protect not only one another, but also the environment in which they live. Our intent is to preserve and share that legacy with the next generation.

Finally, our contributions are both obvious and subtle. The benefits of our work are both immediate and slow to emerge. Most significantly, although the experience itself is often fleeting, our impact on the human spirit lasts a lifetime. Children who attend camp develop connections with the world.

We never underestimate the simplest lesson or the briefest wink of time. It may be a star in someone’s horizon for all eternity.

American Camp Association

Jameson Camp has been ACA Accredited since 1956.


Learn about the benefits of camp from the American Camp Assocation, a leading authority in youth development, by watching The Benefit of Camp below.