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A group of children in the woods are playing with a stick tent.

A safe, accepting oasis for youth.

Where kids and teens explore nature,

community, and themselves.

Jameson Camp is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young people by removing barriers to healthy and vibrant experiences in nature.

Donors, volunteers, staff, and other community partners come together to make it possible for children and teens to have safe, enriching experiences where they can develop critical social-emotional skills, be part of a supportive community, and experience the natural beauty of the American Midwest.

Fun, friendship, and forests.

We believe young people have a right to play and grow in nature.

Since 1928, Jameson Camp has offered overnight summer programming that helps kids thrive. Choose from traditional, mini, and specialty camps that provide support and community for children ages 7-17.

Where kids and nature meet.

Classrooms and communities connect with Indiana’s natural treasures with hands-on citizen science and community ed days.

Every year thousands of children come to Jameson Camp to explore nature, develop critical skills, and have fun with environmental science field trips.

We steward over 130 acres of land where wetlands, waterways, endangered tall grass prairie, and mature forest meet. The entire community is invited to join us in measuring biodiversity, controlling erosion, and protecting the native ecosystem so nature and children can thrive.