RJ, 7

Favorite Toy: remote control Batman monster truck
Favorite Superhero: The Flash

Summer camp expert, RJ, was nervous and excited to return for his second year at Jameson Camp. Handpicked by counselors as the stand-out for week two for displaying the PACK values (perseverance, accountability, courage, and kindness), RJ sat down to tell us about his day camp experience.

What’s something new this year for you?
Getting to pick my activities like cooking and soccer and doing them in groups for the whole week.

If you could pick one activity to do all day, what would it be?

Pool or creek?
The pool because the creek is dirty.

What would you be doing if you weren’t at camp?
Playing basketball.

Do you get to play basketball here?
Sometimes. But I do other stuff, too.

Tell me about a new friend you made.
Everybody is really nice and my little sister is here, too.

Who is your favorite person here?
Miss Erin because she’s really sweet and kind.

Do you want to come back next year? Who would you invite?
Yes! I want my little brother to come next year. He’s about to be one. But he can’t come until he’s five then me and my sister can help him.

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