Gabby, 11

While this is Gabby’s second year at Jameson Camp, this week was her first time in Overnight Camp. Gabby was nominated by multiple counselors as the stand-out camper in overnight camp for week three. Jess Gillum, Program Director of Camps, smiled as she shard how Gabby lives PACK (perseverance, accountability, courage, and kindness) values.

“Gabby is literally incredible,” Director Gillum said. “She is a light in her cabin and loves to make connections with other campers and her counselors.” Cabins sleep two groups of ten campers, making for lots of new friendships.

“She really is the most charming kiddo. We’re so happy to have her again this year.”

What activities did you pick this week?
Arts & crafts, archery, and cooking.

Which one do you like better?
Cooking is my favorite because I get to eat the food. 

What’s been your favorite thing to make this summer?
We just made milkshakes and I like milkshakes.

What do you do at camp that you don’t get to do at home?
Swimming! I like the pool better than the creek because the creek is really dirty right now.

Who is your favorite person here?
Either Kaydie or Lydie. Oh, and Elliott! They’re all counselors and they’re really nice and funny.

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