Itzel, 10

Itzel and her brother Marco were both nominated for the Spotlight this week. Counselor Becca says Itzel is “the best human ever!” Her laidback personality and helpfulness were mentioned by multiple counselors. Apparently being “super chill” runs in the family, according to Counselor Chris (Chief). Itzel made it cool to “vibe in the sand” and brings a sense of peace everywhere she goes.

Is this your first year at camp?
Yes! I’ve never been to a camp before and it’s my brothers first time, too!

 What activities did you pick for this week?
Archery and Hiking.

If you could pick one activity to do all day, what would it be?
Archery! One time I got a bullseye.

 What would you be doing if you weren’t at camp?
Being at home or going to work with my mom.

Tell me about a new friend you made.
Gabby! I like to go creek stomping with her.

Who is your favorite counselor?
Alex and Tim. I can’t pick!

Do you want to come back next year? Who would you invite?
Yeah! I would bring my niece! She’s 9 but she’s taller than me.

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