Veronica, 8

The second oldest of five siblings, Veronica was nominated by counselors for being someone who leads by example. Climbing Instructor Elliott, described her as “always encouraging of others at who might be afraid to go higher.” Veronica is always making people smile and, according to Counselor Blair “she’s literally a mini-counselor. So helpful.”

Is this your first year at camp?
No, I was here last year but not the year before that.

What’s something new this year for you?
We choose activities and last year we didn’t.

What activities did you pick for this week?
I picked hiking and creek stomping.

If you could pick one activity to do all day, what would it be?
Creek stomping! I like getting wet. I like crawdads. And I like trying to catch fish. I haven’t caught a fish yet. They give me a little net so I have to get close to try to get them.

Do you like creek stomping better than the pool?
I don’t know. I like them both of them a lot.

What would you be doing if you weren’t at camp?
Telling my mom and dad that I’m hungry. I’d be home with my mom and dad and my three brothers and my sister. I’m the second oldest.

Tell me about a new friend you made.
Adele! And some other people that weren’t here last year.

Who is your favorite counselor?
I don’t have a favorite. I like a lot of counselors.

If you had to pick one counselor to lead your group for the week who would it be?
Maybe Chris (Chief).

Do you want to come back next year? Who would you invite?
Yes! My little sister can go now! I want to bring her next year and show her the creek and the crawdads. She’ll be scared of them at first but I’ll just get the little ones.

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